Crazy town - butterfly

Crazy town - butterfly

Crazy town - butterfly

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"Butterfly" is a rap rock song by <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Crazy Town</a> from their album <a title="Crazy Town - The Gift of Game" href="" class="bbcode_album">The Gift of Game</a> that was released in February 2001. It went to #1 in 15 countries, including the Billboard Hot 100. The entire song consists of samples from the <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Red Hot Chili Peppers</a>' song <a title="Red Hot Chili Peppers – Pretty Little Ditty" href="" class="bbcode_track">Pretty Little Ditty</a> from their album <a title="Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk" href="" class="bbcode_album">Mother's Milk</a>, with additional lyrics by <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Shifty</a> and Epic on top.

The song's music video, directed by Honey, features the band in a fantasy-like forest complete with butterflies where Shifty Shellshock and Epic Mazur sing their praises to two women with butterfly wings. At one point in the video, Shifty's star-shaped tattoos fly off into the air.

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