Twisted sister - i wanna rock

Twisted sister - i wanna rock

Twisted sister - i wanna rock

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"I Wanna Rock" is a song from the album Stay Hungry (1984) by American heavy metal band Twisted Sister. In 2009 it was named the 17th VH1 Greatest Hard Rock Songs by VH1.

The song was also covered by the pop punk band Lit on 2001 Twisted Sister tribute album, Twisted Forever.

Like the earlier "We're Not Gonna Take It," the video features actor Mark Metcalf, best known as the sadistic Neidermeyer from the movie Animal House. Here, he plays a ferocious teacher who harasses a student for drawing the Twisted Sister logo on a book, shrieking: "What kind of a man desecrates a defenseless textbook?! I've got a good mind to slap your fat face!!" (echoing his line from Animal House: "What kind of man hits a defenseless animal [a misbehaving horse]? I've got a good mind to smash your fat face in.").

After his attempts to stop his rock-loving students fail, he crawls into the principal's office - only to be confronted by the principal, played by Stephen Furst (Flounder from Animal House). Furst even gets to reprise one of his big lines from the movie: "Oh boy, is this great!" as he squirts water at the mean teacher.

The song has been featured in an advertisements for Avis Rent A Car System and Washington Mutual.

This version was also featured on the Triple Play 2002 videogame soundtrack.

The song was heard in the 2000 movie Road Trip, where the characters sing along to it on a bus while it is on the radio. Mackdawg productions used the song as the intro of their 2001 snowboard movie called "The Resistance", featuring the forum team. It was also heard in the 2008 movie The Rocker.

In addition to Triple Play 2002, "I Wanna Rock" is the title song for the 2003 game Will Rock, and can also be heard in 2008's Burnout Paradise.

The song is a playable track on the PlayStation 2 video game Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s as a master track. However, it appears as recorded in the Stay Hungry remake album, Still Hungry, thus sounding quite different than the original. Also, strangely enough, this song and Scandal's "The Warrior"(which was also appears as a master track) are the only ones that end with fade-outs, contrary to the usual ending treatment given to them in other games.

It also feature on the radio station "V-ROCK" on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

There is a SpongeBob version called "Goofy Goober Rock" in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. This version is noticeable due to much longer guitar solo (especialy in OST version) than one in the original song.

Rapper Negro sampled the song for his song entitled "I Wanna Shock"

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French made a political song supporting Barack Obama titled "I Want Barack" that's to the tune of this song.

New Jersey singer-songwriter Christian Beach recorded a bluegrass version of "I Wanna Rock" for "Hair Apparent - The Main Man Records Tribute to Hair Bands," released in 2008.

The song appears once again in the Guitar Hero series, this time in Guitar Hero Smash Hits, which features favourite songs from past Guitar Hero games voted by fans, thus being featured in the game. However, it appears as a master track, and gives the option to play bass, drums, and singing parts similar to Guitar Hero World Tour.

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